3D mesh of a condo tower
3D mesh - condo tower

Our Concept & Design

The foundation of our concept derives from academic studies in Canada and abroad in architecture and fine arts, perspective, painting, sculpture, computer-aided design (CAD), as well as Canadian and international experience as architects for over 42 years. It is for these reasons that our forté is a modern architectural design and attractive 3D presentation.

We ensure the maximization of your planned investment. Either by the establishment of a sound program with a realistic budget, the design of well-appointed comfortable and practical rooms featuring the best use of space, or a safe, durable, sustainable and easy to maintain construction conserving its good value over the years, you are sure to enrich the architectural heritage with our collaboration.

Three years experience as UNESCO experts in architecture in Algeria.

With all the modern project management means at our disposal, our clients are entitled to expect quality buildings as we strive in a continual work in research to reflect the building program with achievements respecting all practical requirements.

Rak & Rak Architects know how to listen to your needs.